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Siobhan Elliot


Hi, I’m Siobhan. I’m here to help you live well and feel your best in this busy world. Discover the power of Reflexology, Emotional Freedom Technique & Menopause Solutions Coaching, for a joyful purposeful life in healthy balance.

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 Let’s work together.

Let me help you to transform your quality of life.

1. Menopause Solutions Coaching for your best possible menopause experience, and a meaningful life well lived. Power Hour sessions and 3 month coaching program available.
2. Hormonal Wellness Reflexology to support hormonal and all round well-being at all ages. Embrace your beautiful body and mind with self compassion. £45
3. Emotional Freedom Technique to support whole person well-being with grace and self compassion. Gently heal old wounds, clear unloving beliefs, and move into the beautiful life of purpose and meaning which you deserve. £55

When you work with me, I’m totally committed to supporting you, and expect the same from you. When you take responsibility for your process and the outcome you want, you’ll understand that it’s so worth it. Shall we do this?

My journey

Life gifted me with healing hands and a searching soul, and I started on a path of deep spiritual awakening in my early 20s. At age 31, I received a life threatening health diagnosis. I was burned out and in a bad place, and this bombshell was a catalyst for profound change in my life. I’m so grateful for this dramatic life lesson, and the second chance I was given.

I’ve learned to trust my powerful intuition, and to listen to and act on the guidance I’ve been receiving my whole life. When I started to take care of my needs and discover my life’s purpose, things shifted and began to fall into place in perfect order. This is what happens. I’m a work in progress, and so are you.

I’ve always known that my purpose is to help other people. Connecting with my clients, and helping them to heal and break through the obstacles between them and their best life is what truly lights me up.

I want to help you. How about it?

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Social Media

After 18 years working as a reflexologist and coach with hundreds of women clients, I’ve realised that knowledge, discussion and support for women around menopause often isn’t as good as we deserve. This is why I run a Facebook community called Mrs Menopause – Is It Hot In Here? Come and join us!

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