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Siobhan Elliot


Welcome! I’m Siobhan, a self care expert with a bottomless toolkit for helping women to feel fantastically empowered, with the right self care for them. Take charge of your life today, and own your power!

I support women’s health with Reflexology – from hormonal and fertility issues, through pregnancy, up to and beyond menopause. You can work with me in person in Egham, Surrey. Foot Reflexology, Face Reflexology, Sound Healing, Sound Reiki, and Sound Bath for Two.

‘The Tapping Hour’ Online EFT, and Virtual Face Reflexology, allow me the flexibility to work with clients remotely on Zoom.


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 How I help.

Foot Reflexology is a lovely way to manage the stresses of daily life, and support your all round health (£47).

Face Reflexology Fusion helps you to de-stress, boost your health, and keep glowing (£47).

Sound Healing uses intuitive vocal and instrumental sound with the purest healing intention for you (£47).

Reiki is a gentle, intuitive and intentional healing system, which can also be combined with Sound Healing (£47).

Virtual Face Reflexology is a short Zoom session where I take you through a complete Face Reflexology session (£35).

The Tapping Hour is one hour Zoom session, where we tackle the issues that are causing you pain and distress in your life, and keeping you stuck and frustrated (£60).

My journey

I’ve always known that my purpose is to help other people. Life has given me healing hands, and I’ve been on a path of spiritual awakening for most of my life. Then, age 31, I got a cancer diagnosis. Everything changed. The unconditional love and care I was cocooned in during those hard times ignited in me a longing to serve in a healing capacity. I left behind things that no longer served me, and retrained in 2003.

When I started to take better care of my needs and acknowledge my purpose, things shifted and began to fall into place in perfect order. This is what happens. I’ve learned to trust my intuition, and to use the loving guidance I receive from the spirit and angelic realms. You can too.

Helping people to heal and life their best life is what lights me up. I’m ready to help you too. How about it?

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