Writing a diary or journal is a powerful tool for personal development, and there are plenty of compelling reasons why you need to use it. I want to see if I can inspire your existing journalling practice, if you have one, and to get you reaching for a notebook and pen if you haven’t.

Have a read of my 10 reasons and let me know what you think. You may have ones to add too.

1. A journal can be a wonderful and diverse tool for recording your life, planning and setting goals, logging progress, and finding solutions to any challenges you encounter.

2. Problems and patterns become clearer when you have them written down on paper.

3. Writing regularly creates focus, and is an effective way to decide on and create positive change.

4. It can provide a different perspective on your life and help you to understand yourself, other people and your world.

5. It helps you to see the truth in black and white. When you call yourself out on your own BS and get very honest with yourself, you can see what you might have been avoiding for what it is.

6. It can be an outlet for stress.

7. You have carte blanche to do it your way. Get creative and make it fun and enjoyable.

8. It can be cathartic and stress busting to dump it all out on the page!

9. It can help you to heal old wounds, and to realise when you need help (when your own resources will not suffice).

10. It can help you to cultivate gratitude and self love.


1. Why would anyone journal?

2. I had a diary every year for Christmas and I couldn’t see the point of it.

3. I don’t know what to write.

4. I don’t want anyone to see my diary.

5. I feel silly and self indulgent writing a journal or diary.

6. I don’t want it to feel like a chore.

7. I haven’t got time.

8. I don’t like writing by hand.

9. Ooh, that thing I like is on Netflix just now.

10. I need to feed the dog.

Do any of those resonate with you? It’s normal to be suspicious of unknown or unfamiliar things! Our brain can perceive them as threats, and is very good at diverting us away from things it thinks might be risky. We all naturally have strong in built avoidance tendencies, though we can overcome them. There’s usually a solution or a way to overcome difficulties and embrace change.

What do you think about journalling? Have you given it a try yourself?