I’ve known since I was a child that my life’s purpose is to help other people. I’ve been on a path of spiritual awakening for many years, with people often telling me I have healing hands, and a healing and calming presence. Even so, when I had a reading in my mid 20s and was told I’d work with my hands, I thought I’d thrown my money down the drain – but how wrong I was.

When I was 31, I got a cancer diagnosis. My approach to this life changing diagnosis, and 10 months of treatments and surgeries, was characteristically pragmatic. I made a decision to deal with it as well as I could, informing myself and keeping a memoir. The love and care I was wrapped in during that time ignited a longing to serve in a healing capacity. I had reflexology when I was in hospital, and I was inspired by the practitioners who took care of me. It felt like I’d found a call, and I went and trained in 2003.

When I acknowledge and moved into my purpose, everything began to come into alignment. The empathy and intuition that have always served me are qualities I use every day as an energy healing practitioner, and my life experiences and neurodiversity (I’m an out and proud ADHDer) help me to understand and care for my clients on a deep level.

Helping people to heal and life their best life is my passion. I’m ready to help you too. How about it?