I’ve known since I was a child that my life’s purpose is to help other people. I’ve been on a path of spiritual awakening for many years, and people tell me that I have healing hands and even a healing and calming presence. I had a reading in my mid 20s where I was told I’d work with my hands. I thought I’d thrown my money down the drain, and that it was pure nonsense, but then things changed.

When I was 31, I got a cancer diagnosis. My approach to getting a life changing diagnosis and going through months of treatments and surgeries was fairly pragmatic. I decided to deal with it as well as I could, informing myself and keeping a memoir about what was going on. The love and care I was wrapped in during those hard times ignited in me a longing to serve in a healing capacity. I experienced reflexology when I was in the hospital, and I was inspired by the practitioners and the things they told me about this marvellous treatment. It felt like I’d found my new career, so I eventually went and retrained in 2003.

When I started understand and honour my purpose, things shifted and began to fall into place in perfect order. This is what happens. The empathy and uncanny intuition that have always served me well are qualities I use every day as a healing practitioner, and my life experiences and neurodiversity help me to understand my clients on a deep level.

Helping people to heal and life their best life is my passion. I’m ready to help you too. How about it?