The hormonal fluctuations that start in perimenopause are responsible for a host of often challenging physical, psychological and emotional changes. As a therapist and coach with a special interest in female hormonal health, I enjoy helping clients in hormonal transition to address the issues that really impact their wellbeing and sense of self, such as weight gain and loss of body confidence. Very many adults carry a lifetime of shame and guilt and pain about weight and their body, and EFT is a gentle and compassionate way to release yourself from the great burden of pain you’ve been carrying around with you. Imagine making peace with your weight, eating and body image for good. How does that feel when you think about it?

What we do in an EFT session

In an EFT session with you, my first aim is to understand the things that are causing you distress and disrupting your life. We talk about how exactly your issues affect you, to get to the heart of the problem and work on it at source. Next, we tap gently on (or simply hold) a series of points on the hands, face, head and upper body while talking about the problem and how it’s affecting you. The objective is to send calming signals to the part of the brain where the stress response originates, and to neutralise your stressor.

As we tap, people often feel physical sensations of energy moving, tingling, giggling, yawning, sighing or a release of some tears as the issue starts to resolve. It can happen quite quickly, and people often say their problem has seemed to melt or move far away as we’ve worked. Sometimes as one issue clears, another will present itself for healing. Many of our problems have layers of complexity, built up over decades, so they can take some working through.

What next?

Does this sound like the solution you need?

Book yourself an EFT session with me and let’s get to work to restore your balance and peace. It’s likely that you’ll need a number of sessions to get to where you want to go, so ask me about packages and treatment plans.


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