A whistlestop tour through the law of attraction



The Law of Attraction is a philosophy which holds that our thoughts and emotions are pure energy. Since we are all energetic beings living in a world where everything is energy, the Law of Attraction says that the quality of our energy attracts experiences that vibrate on the same level as that energy – whether it is of a low or high vibration. People refer to this magnetic attraction tendency as ‘manifesting’, and much has been written about it. If you’ve read The Secret or seen the film adaptation, you’ll have come across it.

It’s all energy

We are all made of energy, like everything in the world, and energy vibrates at different rates. There is even a scale of vibration of emotions, where states such as anger and envy vibrate at a much lower rate than states such as joy or peace. This is why so many people – including me – speak about ‘raising your vibration’. Raising your state and the quality of your energy can be done quickly and simply, and you can feel the effects for yourself when you’ve done that. More to come about how to raise your vibration.

Change your energy, change the outcome

Have you every got out of bed, stubbed your toe, tripped over the cat – and decided that this is it, you’re going to have a terrible day? Be aware of where your focus is taking you! Before you know it, you’re setting yourself up for a miserable time. The scene is set. You’re a powerless victim of circumstances. Everything sucks, right? You’re so unlucky, you might as well give up. I know I’ve done this myself, and I’m guessing you have too. We’re only human.

Let’s think about changing the energy a bit. Let’s say that you stub your toe and trip over the cat, think, ‘oh dear’, and then get on with planning out a wonderful successful day for yourself DESPITE those setbacks. The ability to choose your response rather than go with the knee jerk reaction is something we can all learn to do, if we choose to. At this point you many be saying ‘Oh, but that’s really hard’. The voice of resistance (and the word BUT is a word of resistance) can get very loud when the bit of our brain that voids change at all costs starts sounding the alarm. Remember that our brains are wired to keep us safe, and change sometimes feels threatening to our brains ‘safety centre’.

The power to choose

Which of these two scenarios sounds like a more attractive option? Which of them feels more empowering, given the end result?

I believe that it’s vital that we understand the power of our choices and responsibilities, instead of asserting that we’re powerless victims of circumstance. We really can take charge of what we bring into our lives to a large extent, through being conscious of how we choose our thoughts and words and emotions. These things sow the seeds for the experiences we’ll get, and it’s a great practice to start by becoming very conscious of what our focus is in our daily life. This makes a great case for keeping a journal, noticing patterns in our thoughts and feelings.

Try it out

Let’s try something. I often talk with my clients about ‘putting it out to the universe’, when you name and start to create your desires in detail, in your mind. Let’s try something out. I want you to picture yourself in a restaurant now, perhaps your favourite restaurant. I want you to put yourself there right now, in your seat. Who are you with? What are you wearing? See what you see, smell the aromas, hear the sounds around you and see appetising dishes being delivered to the other diners. Now pick up the menu and study it. You can order absolutely anything you like – it will be there on the menu. Make your choice and give your order to the waiter. Now you can sit back, think about the food, imagining how delicious it looks and smells and tastes when it arrives. Take your time, use your senses as fully as you can, and make the experience come to life. Congratulations, you’ve just done a visualisation. Ok, how was that? How do you feel? Now I have a question for you… Would you order food you hated that restaurant? I don’t think so, and yet many of us put a lot of focus on things we DON’T like and DON’T want in our lives. How do you think that works out, if you’re not focusing on what you DO want?

Do let me know if you try it out for yourself!